Meeting 1:

Paul Mattick, “Spontaneity + Organization”

Paul Mattick, “The New Capitalism and the Old Class Struggle” + “The Masses and the Vanguard”

Meeting 2:

Amadeo Bordiga, “Party + Class”

Tiqqun, Theses on the Terrible Community

Meeting 3:

Jacques Camatte, “Origin + Function of the Party Form”

Jacques Camatte, “Capital + Community”

Meeting 4:

Os Cangeceiros, “A Crime Called Freedom”

Meeting 5:

Sergio Bologna, “Tribe of Moles”

Mario Tronti, “The Strategy of Refusal”

Meeting 6:

Maria Rosa dalla Costa, “Women + the Subversion of the Community”

Big Flame Women’s Group, “Fighting for Feminism: The Woman Question in an Italian Revolutionary Group”

Meeting 7:

Michael Denning, “Wageless Life”

Steve Wright, “Mapping Pathways Within Italian Autonomist Marxism”

Meeting 8:

Jefferson Cowie, Stayin’ Alive: The 1970s and the Last Days of the Working Class

Meeting 9

Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin, Detroit: I Do Mind Dying

Marty Glaberman, “Strata in the Working Class”

Meeting 10

Riff-raff, The historical production of the revolution of the current period

G.M. Tamas, Telling the Truth about Class